Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Altima -- R.I.P.

Sorry about all the car and travel posts lately. When Steven went away to college early this summer I took over the '94 Nissan Altima, cleaning it all up and buying new tires for it. It was looking so sharp and I was definitely feeling pride of ownership.

I composed a blog post previously about the Altima:

Well, yesterday Steven was driving the Altima and it overheated on him. Last night I replenished all its fluids and after it cooled down I nursed it over to the auto repair shop. Today they took a look at it and the preliminary diagnosis is a blown gasket or cracked cylinder, so $1000 best case to fix it, with $1500 or so more likely.

I have been agonizing over whether to invest more in the car. It has served us so well and so economically the past 2.5 years. Emotionally I want to fix it, but rationally it doesn't make sense, as we really don't need the car anymore.

We'll take another day or two to decide, but it is almost like losing a member of the family.

Update: Indeed we decided to scrap the car. I was pleased to get $280 for it from a salvage yard. I swapped the original steel wheels and winter tires back onto it so I can sell the nicer alloy wheels and almost new tires on craigslist. Still sad to see it go.