Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cruise Adventure

Suzanne and I returned last week from a four-day cruise (Long Beach, CA, to Cabo, Mexico). We had never been on a cruise before (assuming you don't count riding the ferries around Alaska), so this was a real adventure and treat for us. It all came about when my mother and my siblings latched onto a really good deal, then we decided to all go along as sort of a family reunion. Four spouses joined my mom and her six kids, so there were eleven of us.

We were looking forward to an exotic few days in warmth and sunshine, but it didn't quite work out that way. A huge winter storm hit southern California, dumping record rains and wind. Carnival (the cruise line) decided to change the itinerary to Cabo so we would go further south to get better weather. That part worked out great, as Cabo was sunny and 70's. We all hopped into a van in Cabo and got an interesting tour of the area, plus a water taxi ride out to the arches.

The long trip out and back in the ship (about 40 hours each way) encountered stormy and unsettled seas, so there was a lot of movement. Suzanne got a little seasick one day, but everyone was taking medication to combat that. Everyone experienced what some call "cruise head" for a couple of days after getting home, where you continue to experience swaying and slight dizziness even though back on solid earth. I found that more amusing than troublesome.

We also didn't spend as much time out on the deck as we had planned, even though we brought clothes for some cold and wet. Suzanne was still on crutches, so getting around on the swaying boat was a challenge. We rented a wheelchair to help.

We all ate dinners together at the nice onboard restaurant. As expected, there was lots of food and we enjoyed that aspect. Some of us visited the karaoke lounge a couple of evenings and we sang several songs.

But even with the rough seas and some sickness we all had such a great time together. We are all talking about when we can plan our next cruise!

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  1. It was a lot of fun. That said, the weather made it all the more memorable. Someday I'd like to cruise again to see what it's supposed to be like!