Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More spring

It is a typical spring in the Pacific Northwest. A couple of days of marvelous warm sunny weather, followed by several days of unsettled cool weather. I was riding my bike in shorts and shirtsleeves the other day, luxuriating in the novelty. And then it turned back to winter-like weather. Stormy, windy, cold.
Here is the view today looking west outside my window at work. I take note of the snow on the Coast Range peaks. Granted, it wasn't cold enough to snow down here, but this is an indication of the colder, wet weather we've had the past few days.
My memories of spring weather go back to T-ball games with our smaller children, then high school track meets and tennis matches. I remember watching these one day in warm sunshine, and another in the most unpleasant cold and wind.
Ah, but I love spring. The ever increasing daylight hours and prospects of nice weather (not to be reliably realized until July). The newness of life all around. The blossoms, the many shades of green. And soon the annual planting of flowers in our front yard.

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  1. And it might get up to 63 today! To some in more southerly areas of the US that might be considered cold, but I'll take it over 38 degrees & rainy like it was on day last week.