Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The summer of grandkids

What a marvelously delightful summer this has been, with extended visits by our remote grandchildren.

In June Teresa and Paisley came to visit for nearly six weeks. We got to know Paisley a lot better and saw her start walking and gain many new skills just in the time she was here. She is such a pleasant baby with a very agreeable personality.

At the end of the summer we hosted Bridget and Jeremy for a fun filled two weeks, and enjoyed the company of Magdalena and Miriam. Miriam is such an introspective and intelligent girl, and Magdalena is outgoing and fearless. I think Magdalena had an oft used expression that summed up the summer very well: "So fun!"

We are fortunate to have Blair and Emily's kids in town: Brooklyn, Jonah, and Eli. Brooklyn nearly drove us to the poor house with her extensive reading this summer with our two cents per page incentive. Jonah is all boy, and Eli so polite.

All of these cousins love playing together and get along so well. And what a great blessing to us grandparents!

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