Saturday, December 4, 2010

40 Years

I graduated with the Ramona High School class of 1970 in Riverside, CA. I recall there being about 900 in my class, so it was large and there were many I didn't know. And I really haven't kept up with anyone from my school.

Still, I was surprised to never hear about any class reunions along the way. I think I heard the excuse that they didn't know where I lived, which is strange considering my folks still live at the same address where I lived in high school. But with all the modern internet technology I was finally tracked down and started getting invites to class activities about a year ago, including the big 40th reunion this year.

Even though I'm not much into social events, and hadn't kept up with anyone, I was tempted to fly down and attend. However, it was scheduled right after our two week trip to Europe and Dubai, and I just didn't feel I could get away. I did order a class CD that will have info and pictures from the class and the reunion.

A senior picture was distributed with an index of names for people to identify the surprising few who were unnamed. I contributed one name for someone I played tennis and basketball with. It was fun browsing the picture and seeing friends from long ago. Can you find me?

I confess I was a bit dismayed to see photos from the reunion. Everyone is so old! I guess I'm old, too. Very few of my friends from high school actually attended the reunion, so I don't feel so bad having missed it.

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  1. What I found at my 20-year reunion (the only one I've attended) is that the women looked about the same as they did in high school. The men were fat and balding.