Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Intel Webcam

There should be a webcam looking west outside the 3rd floor window at Intel where I work. I often head up the stairwell to go to my lab and see these gorgeous views. I watch the colors change on all the tree varieties, and can see the snow level on the Coast Range mountains. In the spring I see the trees come alive and all the blossoms, and in the fall I watch the numerous vibrant colors unfold.

Here is a shot from early April. It had been cold and there was a new deposit of snow in the Coast Range.

Here is October 27:

This is November 2:

Here is November 15:

November 16:

November 21:

And November 30 (last year):

I should capture the spring progression in a few months. I consider it a treat to have such a diversion during my work day.

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