Monday, November 21, 2011

Autumn Hikes and Scenery

I am mesmerized by and love the striking fall foliage. Once again, here is a recent view outside the west window at work. I am often arrested by the view from this window on my frequent traverse to my lab.

Suzanne and I have driven the ten minutes to Washington Park for some recent short hikes. A few years ago we hiked in this trail network and got somewhat lost amongst all the crisscross trails. Here is a photo of a posted map:

And here are some photos from hiking there last Saturday:

I can't get over the bright red trees, and love the mix of colors all around.


  1. You and mom should have come visit us in Ithaca in October. It was fabulously beautiful with all the changing leaf colors.

  2. We would have come in the fall had you stayed long enough! I've been in PA & NY in the fall before and the colors are astoundingly vivid. Oregon colors are nice.

  3. (friend of Bridget's)

    Jealous of your colors! Boston this year missed out due to fluke hurricane's & snowstorms.

    I enjoy your writing, also.