Friday, November 20, 2009

Jack and Lee Rock Band

I was going to write a post about "where were you when when such and such famous event happened", like when Pres. Kennedy was shot (grade school lunch room), or man first walked on the moon (working at McDonald's), or when the World Trade Center collapsed (still in bed). I may still write that post someday, but today I'm taking a fun little detour.

You may recall that Lee Harvey Oswald (who most people believe shot JFK, though not the conspiracy theorists) was fatally shot himself by Jack Ruby while in police custody. Here is the famous photograph of that event.

I hope this isn't too disrespectful, but here is another perspective on that famous event. Enjoy.

The end.


  1. That is the Dead Kennedy's symbol spray painted on the brick wall, too.

  2. Somebody with Photoshop had a bit too much time on their hands.