Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My earliest memory

When your family has home movies of when you were a child it can be difficult to separate real memories from what you have seen in the movies. I'm not sure which of my foggy memories would be the earliest but I can at least pinpoint the timeframe of one.

I was born in California but moved to Germany when I was about 6 months old as my father was stationed there in the Air Force. About a year later we moved to England, then when I was about 3 we moved back to the states. My parents tell me I was very concerned about leaving England because I was worried there wouldn't be Grape Nuts Flakes breakfast cereal in the USA.

My memory is of being in some public place, and running up and down a gradual ramp or incline. The consensus is that this was at a restaurant or airport during our trip back to the USA. It is a happy memory, and an activity that is characteristic of a small child.

What is your earliest memory, and is it a pleasant one?

By the way, the picture above is of Wendie and Barry, my two older siblings, and me, presumably around 3 or 4 years old.


  1. Here is a comment from my mother:
    I read your blog and saw the photo with it and you were not three or
    four years old. You just turned three in December 1954 which is when we
    left for the states from Scotland. and it was at the airport where you
    remember running around and up and down. You also were given a Xmas gift
    from the airline people but you may not remember that. The picture was
    probably taken when you were more like two and a half years old or even
    younger. Maybe I could look it up.

  2. I used to remember my earliest memory but it's mostly faded but I think it was rocking in my little rocking chair in Montana, having curlers in my hair and either being afraid of tipping over backwards and hitting my head with the curlers in it, so that it would hurt more, or actually perhaps did tip over, or was being cautioned about being careful to not do that...also remember a kiddie gate to keep me from falling downstairs into the basement, perhaps?

    Another early memory I had was probably from the Grand Canyon, looking down a cliff and being afraid to fall or, again, probably being cautioned by my parents about that danger.