Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things change

Friday there were only a couple of stores I wanted to go to to pick up sale items. I went to Michael's to buy some picture frames and matt for putting together some more temple pictures that we give as gifts (see photo above). It has been four or five years since my last such purchase at Michael's, and I was dismayed to find they no longer carry the particular frame I always buy. In fact, there were hardly any frames at the size I needed (12X16). And they changed matt companies so they didn't have my colors. Bummer.
I then swung over to the Oroweat bread outlet store, and for the second time in a row they didn't have my favorite Country Wheat bread. When I asked the checkout lady she informed me they have discontinued that kind of bread. Oh, I was so disappointed as I loved it. Back to plain old whole wheat (or "black bread" as Daniel calls it).
This reminds me of another great disappointment. For years I loved Tillamook Ice Cream, and rejoiced that they persisted in selling the full 2 quarts while other brands dropped to 1.75 quarts. A couple of years ago we were visiting the Tillamook Cheese Factory and I was telling the manager there how much I liked their ice cream and was so glad they sold 2 quarts. She got a strange look on her face, then confessed they were also switching to 1.75 quarts. Their marketing types said it was by "customer demand". Yeah, right. Well, at least they are still 1.75 quarts, and I see Dreyers is now 1.5 quarts.
Things change, and you just have to roll with it. In fact, I found a different frame (white, instead of gold) which I'm excited about and may be an upgrade for my temple picture. It costs twice as much, but with the 60% off sale, and further 20% off total purchase, we did just fine buying eight of them today (Saturday).

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