Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cameras, Part 2

This past winter while doing our photographic slide scanning project, I was immediately struck by the instant dramatic improvement in picture quality beginning in September 1989.  Very few out of focus shots, almost none with poor exposure.  There were appealing shots with bokeh (purposely blurry foregrounds and backgrounds), and dramatic shots with powerful zooms.  The reason?  I had purchased a 35mm SLR camera with two zoom lenses, the Pentax SF10.

It was like a new world of photography had opened up.  The other thing I noticed beginning in late 1989 was a dramatic increase in the quantity of our photographs, both slides and prints.

Here is a shot of the Portland Temple from late 1989, which won first prize at our county fair the following summer.

This photo shows some zoom and bokeh effects.

We have numerous wonderful photos for subsequent years.  But there were three problems with using this great new camera.  35mm film and processing were relatively expensive, the camera with lenses was bulky (not convenient to carry around), and camera shake could still be a problem.  This led to a couple of new developments and cameras.  Stay tuned for part 3.

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