Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Best Summer Ever

When I reflect back over the years I recall a variety of summer vacations and activities, many of which were remarkable and memorable.  Our 1996 family trip to Alaska was one which stands out, or our 2002 trip to Russia and Eastern Europe.  But I have to say this past summer ranks right up there with the best.

There was no flagship, exotic trip--just a conglomeration of activities and mini-trips spread throughout the summer.  The theme was gathering of family from all quarters of the world, with the high point being our one week reunion in Sunriver (see slideshow in the column on the right).  And, for us grandparents, the favorite part was enjoying our seven grandkids for an extended time.

Here is an abbreviated timeline of activities from the summer.  I'll have to write subsequent posts about them.

Numerous yard and house projects leading to Steven’s wedding in May:
  Flowers in front yard
  Arbor by backyard patio
  Arbor by front yard gate
  Backyard fountain (unfinished)
April and May – new Arbor Oaks house shopping, Blair’s family living with us
May 5, Saturday -- Steven and Kristi wedding
May 25 (Friday) – Hamilton Mountain hike
July 4 (Wednesday) – Climbed Saddle Mountain (Blair, SBW, ACW)
July 6 (Friday) – Climbed Silver Star Mountain with ladies' group
July 12-14 (Thurs.-Sat.) – Camped at Cape Kiwanda, hiked Cape Lookout
July 18 (Wed.) – Drove to Farewell Bend, camped
  Thurs. – Quick visit with Bridget’s clan in I.F., arrived in Sugar city
  Friday – With Teresa and girls, BYU-I graduation
  Saturday – Bar-T dinner and show in Wyoming
  Sunday – Drove home, reunited with Bridget’s family (Blair’s moved out)
July 21 (Saturday) – Dirty Dash, Bridget’s family and Blair’s
July 24 (Tuesday) – Timbers vs. Aston Villa soccer game
July 27-28 (Friday-Saturday) – Cape Kiwanda with Bridget clan, then Blair’s
July 30 (Monday) – Ft. Vancouver, Suzanne with M&M
Aug. 2 (Thursday) – Mt. St. Helens visit with Bridget’s and Blair’s
Aug. 3 (Friday) – ACW took three little girls to Bethany fountain
Aug. 3 (Friday) – Magdalena’s b-day party
Aug. 3 (Friday) – Yanni concert, Bridget and ACW
Aug. 4 (Saturday) – Newsom’s party at farm with grandgirls
Aug. 5 (Sunday) – Rose Garden
Aug. 6 (Monday) – Enchanted Forest with all grandkids, Teresa, and Bridget
Aug. 7 (Tuesday) – Children’s Museum with M&M, Paisley, and Shiloh
Aug. 8-15 (Wednesday to Wednesday) – Sunriver
  Wed. arrive at house, met Steven and Kristi, put up tent under deck, Costco food, SHARC
  Thurs. SHARC, Ft. Rock Park
  Friday Lava Cave
  Saturday bike ride to Benham Falls (including Death Ride)
  Sunday attended sac. mtg. in Bend, talent show
  Monday Blair and ACW rode bikes to Elk Lake, everyone had fun in the water, telescopes
  Tuesday climbed Mt. Tumalo, family photo, ice cream at Goody’s
  Wednesday picked up GMC in Bend, cleared out
Aug. 17 (Friday) – Astoria and Ft. Stevens with M&M and Bridget
Aug. 18 (Saturday) – Children’s Museum with M&M
Aug. 20 (Monday) – Picked peaches M&M with ACW, Miriam b-day party
Aug. 21 (Tuesday) – Intel party in Vernonia with kiddies
Aug. 22 (Wednesday) – Children’s Museum M&M with ACW
Aug. 23 (Thursday) – SBW and ACW backpack to Big Slide Lake
  Friday ACW hikes out, Jeremy hikes in, Bridget drives back with girls and ACW
Aug. 24 (Friday) – Forest Park hike girls, Bridget, ACW
  evening fire and twisters
  ACW goes to overnight radio assignment at Hood to Coast
Aug. 25 (Saturday) – Fireworks, salmon, Chinese
Aug. 26 (Sunday) – ACW takes M&M to Vietnam Memorial and hike
Aug. 27 (Monday) – SBW and ACW take M&M to Children’s Museum

Group photo at Sunriver


  1. SO FUN! Looking back, it's interesting which events were unexpectedly memorable. For example, the night of cooking twisters by the outside fire when Jeremy was camping and you were going to head out to the HTC relay exchange. It was slightly raining and it was just me and the girls so it felt all cosy. Strangely memorable.