Monday, November 19, 2012

Quiet Waters

My wife wrote a great blog post last year about Quiet Waters Outreach.  Our son, Daniel, spends several weekends there each year, including this past weekend.  Each weekend has a theme, with activities associated with the theme.  It might be the county or state fair, or pizza (they went to Papa's Pizza this time), or Portland Rose Festival, or pet weekend, or firestation, etc.

The home where Daniel goes is called Martha's place.  I took a few pictures and had Daniel give a guided tour on video.

They have a Christian slant, as can be seen by this wall decoration.

And here is an exceptional video produced by Quiet Waters, and features Daniel and Suzanne.

I am moved every time I watch this video.  We are grateful and pleased that Daniel has the opportunity to visit Martha's place, and he enjoys it a lot.

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  1. Wow. Amazing, touching, and very inspiring. I'm so glad that Daniel gets to visit Quiet Waters. Please tell him that I am jealous because it looks so fun!

    Something like this makes me wish I were wealthy. I suppose all I can donate now are my prayers for the success of these fine people (visitors to Quiet Waters and the people running it).

    My faith is restored in humanity.