Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Home Grown Lemonade

I have a tradition of bringing home frozen lemon juice from my annual March visits to So. California.  My folks have a lemon tree in their backyard and there is plenty of lemon juice to spare that time of year.  It is a treat to bring it home and make lemonade from home grown lemons.  I save it for special occasions, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, or other festive family events.

My mom loads available plastic jars with the juice, then freezes it.  We put the frozen jars in plastic bags for further protection against leaks, and pack with my airline luggage.  So far, luggage inspectors haven't questioned me about the contents, even after 9/11 security crackdowns.  And they are still frozen when I arrive home.

I'm down to only three jars at present, since I didn't carry any home this year (bag was full with a ham radio, and I felt it was pushing my luck to include unknown frozen liquid in my carry-on).  We had some for Thanksgiving, and will use a jar for Christmas.  So we'll be okay.

We laugh about the "Natural Fiber Therapy, Bulk-Forming Laxative" jars that I often use.  Glad a luggage inspector hasn't questioned me about it.  Or maybe they were too embarrassed to.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for being delicious lemon juice providers!

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