Friday, November 2, 2012

Neighborhood Road Trip

Here is a link to a post from two years ago with photos we took on road trip into the countryside near our home.  Last week I took my car in for some service and once again we got a nice loaner car for the day, so we went on a short joyride near our home.

The 2013 BMW 328i, with only 400 miles on it.

Railroad trestle about six miles from our house in a quiet, pleasant, rural neighborhood.  I thought I had been everywhere near here on my bike, but this was my first time here.  Maybe we'll retire to some property here.

Here is Helvetia Church, where Steven and Kristi were married last May.  The rural scenery has changed with the season, but still so pleasant.

 I've ridden my bike past the church down this road perhaps a hundred times.

It was misty weather, and made for some interesting scenic shots.  During our drive through hills and dales I don't think we were ever more than 15 miles from our house.

Rural Washington County, looking west.

We love living here.  And though we are sad to see our extended summer go, we enjoy the changing fall season very much.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Looks like it's definitely worth the drive. Or ride.