Sunday, November 18, 2012

Idaho Potatoes

In the summer of 1978 I connected with an old college buddy who was working for IBM and was motivated to interview for a job with them (in Tucson, AZ).  While I was at it, I also interviewed with HP in Boise, ID, and with Bentley Nevada in Minden.  We decided to uproot and accept the job offer with HP, and moved up there in December.  Would you move to a state with license plates that said "Famous Potatoes"?  Well, it didn't stop us.

We found a 1/2 acre subdivision in Meridian and contracted to buy a new home to be built.

Another new house, and big yard projects.

We had a marvelous large garden in our backyard.

HP was the premier company for electrical engineers to work at.  In Boise I worked in the Disc Memory Division, initially working on servo design for the 7908 disc drive.  I thoroughly enjoyed my work and the company.  Benefits were great and employees were treated so well.  I carpooled the five miles to work with two other employees from my neighborhood.


  1. It was a simpler time . . . only we didn't know it yet.

  2. how many mbs were the drives back then? 1 mb?

    Someday I would love to own a house that has ample room for a spacious garden. And I hope the climate allows for blueberries and raspberries!