Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On the Oregon Trail

We really enjoyed living in Meridian, Idaho, for just over five years.  The job at HP was great, the neighborhood wonderful--we seemed totally plugged into life there.  But an exciting job opportunity came up that I just had to consider.

A couple of years earlier I had passed on a chance to join a start-up company with a college buddy.  And this kind of nagged at me, so when the next chance came, with Sequent Computer Systems in Beaverton, Oregon, I decided to give it a serious look.

On the interview trip in February, 1984, we left a snowy Boise and landed in a mild, if wet, Portland.  Everything was so green and beautiful.  The job seemed exciting and the near ground floor opportunity with stock offerings was very enticing.  It was a very difficult decision to uproot from Idaho, but we decided to go for it.

I started in late March, and we moved into a rental while we did house hunting.  We ended up finding a home lot we liked with a builder willing to modify a plan to our liking.  We watched the construction through the summer and fall, finally moving in on our anniversary, Dec. 19, 1984.  At the time we considered this our dream house, even though we did compromise on various points to save expense.

We  had so much to explore in this beautiful state--the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood, Forest Park, and Cannon Beach, to name just a few.

A new house meant yard projects...again.

And before long, we added our fourth child.  But that is another thread.  However, I love this photo, so wanted to sneak it in.


  1. That first time we came over to PDX, 9 Feb 1984, I felt colder here than that winter in Idaho when it was below zero and windy. Something about the humidity . . .

  2. So weird to think that the little girl in that picture is now the age you were when you were buying that house (if not a year or two older, in fact).