Wednesday, November 3, 2010


For over a year now I have had this obsession with buying Wheat Chex on sale, and applying a coupon for additional cash back. I really scored big last year, as you see in this post:

I had a few $3 coupons remaining from last year that expired in October, so as my stash of Wheat Chex dwindled I was constantly on the lookout for a sale (especially at Winco), but it never happened. Finally, last week, I saw Chex on sale, but only other flavors, not Wheat Chex. Since my coupons were expiring I just used them to buy Corn Chex (for 98 cents net), which I like, but which don't quite have the mass to hold off my morning hunger until lunchtime.

However, there was a bonus attached. New coupons!

These aren't as lucrative as the previous $3 coupons, but they will prolong the hunt up to another year while I await a Wheat Chex sale.

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