Sunday, November 14, 2010

Photography Bloopers

Have you ever taken a photograph and been so focussed on the foreground subject that you didn't notice intrusive backgrounds? It is a common blunder. Here are a few examples from a quick look at some of mine.

Here is a group shot of us at a "dead city" in Syria in 2005. Notice the guy standing in the background? Actually, we noticed he did that on purpose, as I believe he staged for subsequent photos as well. Jeremy is quite prolific with making backround poses for strangers' photos (I wish I had an example, like the one where he is stuffing his mouth with food at a restaurant table behind a photo setting).

Here is a shot from our 1976 trip in the Netherlands. Notice anything?

This was just last week in Verboort. Suzanne used this photo in her blog, but had to edit out the lady in the awkward standing position.

This photo is the crown jewel of such examples. I'm sorry, Barry, but I can't help laughing out loud every time I view this photo.

If I had more time I could find many more examples. I'm sure there is one of my graduation from BYU with a flagpole sticking out of my head, but I can't locate it just now.


  1. That last photo is to me, an all-time funniest photo!

  2. What's wrong with the Netherlands one?

  3. The Netherlands picture puzzled us. We remember it showing the legs of a sunbather, but can't see them here. I just looked at the original slide and see the scanned image cut off the bottom of the photo where they are. Sorry. But I'm glad someone is paying attention.