Wednesday, November 10, 2010

European Delivery, 2007

In the summer of 2007 we planned a trip to visit the Palmers in Amman, Jordan. Since it was kind of on the way, I took advantage of a side trip to Germany to pick up a 2007 BMW 335xi. I had learned a few more things about BMW's European Delivery program since our first experience, thanks to the internet, and this time I was able to negotiate another 3% discount on top of the 7% standard European Delivery discount. A dealership in nearby Salem, Oregon, offered the best deal.

The delivery center in Munich was pretty low key. Just an industrial area with an upscale garage area for customer delivery. Here is the approach to the center, which I arrived at from the airport via S-Bahn and tram and bus.

I visited the famous medieval city Rothenburg. Here I'm parked by the old city wall.

I visited the village where my mother's maternal grandfather is from:

And I did a driving tour of my mission areas, including Duesseldorf:

Here is the car in Bacharach just before dropping it off in Frankfurt:

I caught the transport ship on a webcam as it passed through one of the Panama Canal locks:

Daniel and I took the train down to Salem to pick up the car seven weeks later. What a fun mini-trip that was:

I liked this car well enough to own it ten years, but things worked out differently, leading to European Delivery, Part III, in the next post.

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