Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Manly Lunch

For several decades, beginning in grade school, I have been a sack lunch person. I like the flexibility and economy of it. I can eat my lunch all at once, or spread it out. And whenever I want. At my desk or in my lab. Or on an errand. If I'm heads down and swamped with a task I don't have to take timeout to go to lunch. And I'm sure over the years I've saved thousands of dollars vs. buying lunch.

For the great majority of that time the anchor of the sack lunch menu has been peanut butter and jelly on wheat bread. For a while it was home made wheat bread. Now it is Oroweat outlet store wheat bread (sometimes less than a dollar a loaf). These days I add yogurt and an apple. And perhaps grapes, or carrots. Or some random leftover. I keep a large bag of vegetable chips at work to munch on. I used to keep a large tub of outlet store potato salad in the frig at work, but Suzanne convinced me that wasn't healthy.

Here is my lunch being assembled in the morning.

I used to eat Tillamook yogurt--yummm! But Suzanne convinced me this "Light and Fit" yogurt was healthier. I'm sure she is right, but does it have to come with a pink label, and advertise the fight against breast cancer? Not my idea of a manly lunch item.

In the past I reused the actual brown bag for my lunch day after day. It would get pretty worn, and I wondered what people would think of a professional going to work carrying such a bag. Today I stuff it in my waist pack for convenience with my bicycle commute to work.

I confess, I also keep a bag of trail mix (my favorite Costco/Kirkland brand) and, these days, a sack of Snickers in my drawer at work to munch on late afternoon.


  1. You're right, that is definitely not a manly yogurt.

    I remember when you used to have a stash of Oreos in your desk drawer at work. And Planter's peanuts, I think.

  2. Yes, that IS a manly lunch! Besides a more manly yogurt container, it would be ultra manly if you didn't have to make it yourself. I should repent and go back making it for you--have taken an 8-year vacation on that, so it's time.

    If over the years you had bought lunch, say 200 days per year, $3-5 in the early years, $6-10 now (depending on whether you patronized a restaurant or cafeteria), the cost over 34 years could be in the range of $40,000.

  3. $40,000!! Woo hoo!! I can justify paying cash for a BMW!

    I forgot to add that the strawberry jam is homemade from locally picked berries.

  4. No, I already used the 40K to remodel the kitchen and take several European vacations!