Monday, November 8, 2010

Lost in Budapest

When we visited Budapest last month, we parked the car at our hotel and bought all day tickets to use the public transportation. Here is a photo of "Moscow Square", a major transportation hub in Budapest. (Suzanne already commented about the Communist architecture of the building in the center in her blog:

I enjoy not only the economy and convenience of public transportation in large cities, but the increased feeling for the people, the city, and the sites which is gained by "rubbing shoulders" with the locals and travelling as they do.

At the end of the day we made our way back from the Parliament building, across the Danube River, and to Moscow Square. We then took a side trip back to Castle Hill to view the city at night. Then back to Moscow Square and to the tram to our hotel. However, now it was dark and we couldn't recognize the correct stop. A slight panic set in as we worried about being lost at night in a foreign city with very strange sounding and spelling of street names. We studied the map and tried to make out street names, went past the stop, and got on a tram to reverse our course. Fortunately, we guessed right on our second pass and soon found ourselves safe and sound back in our room. And with another fond memory from our trip.

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