Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To Rent or Buy

In spring of 2000 we were preparing for Blair's wedding and looking at renting tuxedos. For the cost of the rental we wondered if it would be worthwhile to just buy one. Suzanne found a tuxedo coat and shirt marked way down at Nordstrom Rack near our home. I went to the downtown Nordstrom Rack and found some pants marked down. We also got a cumberbun and bowtie, with studs and matching cufflinks at the Rack. So the full deal. I no longer remember the total cost, but it was amazingly inexpensive, under $200 I think. We lucked out because I think much of it was leftover from the big Jan. 1, 2000 celebration stock and being closed out. In fact, my studs and links say 2000 on them (but subtlely). We figured the tux would pay for itself vs. renting with two or three weddings, which, with five kids, was a good bet.

Here I am wearing it at wedding number three in 2005:

Also in 2005 (I like this photo with my mom):

With the beautiful bride:

And with my beautiful bride:

Since I already own the tux, I have worn it on several other occasions. Two or three times I have worn it at Halloween, instead of a costume (and just for fun). I wore it at grad night where I was a volunteer card game dealer. And just last week the Young Women in our ward had a special event where everyone dressed up, so we as a bishopric wore tuxedos (I and my 2nd counselor owned ours, and my 1st counselor was able to borrow one). We must have looked sharp because we got a lot of compliments.

To make the tux useful for several years it means I can't grow out of the size. It has gotten a bit tighter, but I'm happy to say all that cycling and tennis must be keeping me in shape as it still fits. And each time I wear it I feel such satisfaction.


  1. That's quite a steal either way! My dad owns his tux too (you know he's such a frugal guy and quickly figured he'd get his money's worth over time). I love what you said about not being able to grow out of it--keep up the good work! :)