Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pics from the 70's

Here are some random pictures from the 1970's that I must have scanned into the computer along the way. Looks like a couple of Pam's kids joined in this one:

Anyone know what year this would be? 1974?

I see baby Blair, so this must be 1977.

Here is our home in Meridian, ID. Note the front of the '66 Chevy in the driveway. The US flag in the window was the fad at the time to give support for the hostages in Iran, so this should be 1980, plus or minus.

Our two boys, probably late 1979 or 1980. Anyone know the location? Perhaps Newhall, CA.

I think this picture was on Facebook a few weeks ago. The gang in Vienna in 1976.

Early 1977 in front of our duplex at China Lake, CA.

That's Eric in Germany, 1976.

Let's see, must be late 1973 or 1974. How old is Jason here?

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  1. The second picture down w/ me holding Debbie--am guessing 1974 also; I think we weren't married yet.

    The one of me wearing the classy 1980 style glasses was taken at Hart Ranch in Newhall.

    The very last photo must have been taken when you returned from your mission in Aug 1973. Jason would have been about 1. You wore that sweater vest at BYU that fall & winter.