Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat

I have many fond memories of past Halloweens, and of accompanying my children on their trick or treat rounds through the neighborhood. I recall a variety of weather conditions, from windy, to wet, to cold. This year was nearly perfect weather--dry, calm, and warm. At least one Halloween, we were joined by the Juhasz family visiting from Idaho.

I miss my small children at Halloween. And each year I am sad that we have fewer and fewer children come to the door to trick or treat. One reason is due to our neighborhood maturing. Last year I believe we had fewer than 10 total. This year I think we bumped up a bit, to perhaps 20 (maybe due to good weather). On the plus side, I buy lots of Snickers and then have leftovers to snack on myself for weeks afterwards.

But, we now have grandchildren to enjoy! Here is a photo of the Walkers at a trunk or treat activity. Emily is so creative with costumes.

I wanted to extract my tax on the goodies, but the parents took priority.

I have worn my trusty Arab clothing as my costume for several years now. It is a sad commentary on American-Arab relationships that many people think I'm dressed as a terrorist.
So, another Halloween is in the books. And I'll continue to enjoy my Snickers!

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  1. That IS a sad commentary. You would have fit right in here.